Tips to Write an Abstract for Your Essay

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An abstract is a detailed writing piece that is used to describe a larger research work with the essay writer. It is a brief overview of the components of the paper that helps the reader to understand it. Moreover, it also highlights the key points of your paper, problem statement, methods, results, and discussion.

A good abstract follows a specific format and is about 150-250 words. There are two main types of abstracts. Both of them have different aims and purposes. Therefore, you should confirm from your supervisor about the type you are supposed to write.

Below-mentioned are types.


  • Descriptive Abstracts


Descriptive essays describe the type of information present in the research work. It does not involve any criticism or findings. Instead, it only includes the keywords of the text, the importance of research, scope, and purpose. This type of abstract is usually of 100 words or less.


  • Informative Abstracts


These are the most commonly written abstracts that provide the reader with the main arguments and findings. It includes all the elements of the descriptive essay along with the conclusion and recommendation additionally.

Their length varies from discipline to discipline. However, it is usually 10 percent of the total length of your paper which becomes almost 250 words.

How to Write an Abstract?

The following are the steps that you need to write an impressive abstract.


  • Writing the Paper First


The first step is to write the paper first. Though the abstract comes at the start of your paper, it is written at the last because it is the summary of the entire paper.  It will also help to ensure the accuracy of your abstract.


  • Understand the Requirements


It is beneficial to understand all the requirements beforehand. It can help you make sure that your writing piece is up to the mark with no mistakes at all.

Always, keep in mind the length, style, citation type and date of submission.


  • Identify the Target Audience


It is necessary to recognize the target audience before start writing. Because it will assist you in understanding and considering their needs.

Also, the abstract is the first thing that your readers read. Therefore, make sure that it is relevant to their interest.


  • Decide the Abstract Type


There are two types of the abstract that are discussed above. Consult your supervisor about what type you should use.


  • Begin with Writing the Abstract


Follow these steps while writing an abstract.


  • Identify the Purpose


The first step is to identify the main purpose of your research by answering the following questions:

  • Why you choose this topic?
  • How did you carry out this research?
  • What are the findings?
  • What is the significance of your research?
  • Why should people read it?


  • Explain the Problem


Begin your abstract with a brief explanation of the issue. Consider the following aspects while explaining the problem:

  • How the research is solving the problem?
  • What is the scope of your research?
  • What is the main argument of your research?


  • Discuss the Research Methodology


The next step is to inform the reader about the methods you have used while conducting research. Discuss the following points here:

  • The approaches and variables
  • Sources that are used
  • Supportive evidence


  • Present the Findings


An informative abstract requires a writer to present the findings. Identify the given elements:

  • What did you find?
  • What conclusion did you reach?
  • Was the hypothesis proven or testable?


  • Provide the Conclusion


End the abstract with a concluding paragraph that summarizes everything.


  • Revising and Editing


It is the last step of your writing process. Read your essay aloud with a fresh mind and identify all the irrelevant details. This process will help you make sure that you have followed a correct pattern.

Many students who lack good writing skills often end up contacting a free essay writer online to score good grades. There is nothing wrong with contacting websites that write papers for you for free but as a student, it will beneficial for you to improve your writing skills.

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